Sunday, May 31, 2009

A very late Friday Faves...

1. Lesley Roy - You have to hear this girl sing!!!

2. Take-out Chinese! Yum!

3. Netflix - I don't need cable... you can watch movies instantly on your computer!

4. Sudafed - The only thing keeping me sane right now. My ears and throat feel like there are razor blades in them.

5. Verizon High Speed DSL - I just got it today and it is insanely quick!!

Sorry no pics this week. I am not feeling very well.


Jill said...

Yay for Netflix!

I had take-out Chinese this morning
for breakfast. Not recommended. :)

Sorry to hear about the sinus problems. Sudafed used to work for me. Now I'm using Flonase. My allergies have been driving me nuts lately!

Aeify said...

Feel better Kaytee...don't know if you've looked int the gallery lately but I'm SLICE MAD bwahahaha! My first die cut system was a sizzix machine but I LOVE MY SLICE...I hope you love yours too!!
I had takeout Chinese on Thursday/'s the best. Hot and Sour soup will help your throat...TRUST ME!!

Jill said...

OHHH Take out Chinese! YUMMM!

Feel better soon!

Jen said...

Yum...Chinese...We don't have a good Chinese place were I live. I miss it.