Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Faves!!

I didn't forget about Friday faves this week!!!!
Short post though because I am so super busy at work. I did a 12 hour shift yesterday and most likely will be doing the same today... and then probably coming in over the weekend...

Anyway, here goes:

1. Wattpad - I have this app on my Blackberry Storm and I LOVE it! It's a share program where you can read e-books. It's how I read the first 4 House of Night books and right now I am on the Dark Hunter books.

2. Sierra Mist Ruby Splash - This is so good!!

3. The Dark Hunter series - ummm... I don't think an explanation is required here. If you read them, you know!!

4. The House of Night series - Another very good book series.

5. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - Just look at the backdrop here! Too funny how it looks like Super Mario! Conan is Hilarious!!!!

Also, for those of you interested in ATC swaps - check out It's free to join and they have tons of swaps going on all the time. Right now I am in three of them that are due quite soon so I hope to finish them tonight and then send them out by Monday. I started them last night and I am really enjoying the ATC thing!


Jill said...

I LOVE COCO! LOL... When he first started out he always had cutting edge rock on. Loved it... he has such a raw sense of humor. He rawks!

Karen D. said...

You Faves ROCK this week, Kaytee! I have a Storm (although it is out-of-commission right now) and SO need that app-love it!!!

Aeify said...

Love the faves Kaytee! Have to check out some of those books soon! WOW! three atc swaps at one're my hero! LOL

Jill said...

I'm going to have to check out those books!

pink4u said...

I am with Jill...I gotta check out your books...I have heard that they are really good!!! Thanks !!
Great Faves this week:)
Joanie :)