Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Faves for 9/25

It's Friday~! Woohoo!! I am so ready for this work week to be over. So far this weekend is shaping up to be quite busy! And that all starts with my number 1 this week:

1. Yard sales... but not just any yard sales.. COMMUNITY yard sales. Every September there is a HUGE community yard sale in a really nice development about 5 minutes from my apartment. This will be my 3rd year going and it's usually packed! I think there are at least 20 blocks of houses fot this sale. But since I am on a tight budget I have to give myself some rules so I don't make any impulse buys. So my rules for this yard sale are: 1. I am only looking for crafty supplies or things that I can turn into crafty supplies, and books. 2. I will not pay more than $1 for a book. 3. I will not pay more than $5 for any 1 item and for it to cost that much, it better be good. So it should be fun! I am meeting my mom and her bestie and my sister in law Melanie around 830am. So I guess I should get to bed early tonight.

2. Paramore's new CD - Brand New Eyes. I love it!!

3. Creamy dill Pickle Chips froim Herrs. They are good!

4. My new ballet flats from Payless.. they are American Eagle and so cute!

5. - It's a great forum and community for scrappers. Next month they are starting monthly kits and they are right now having a Design Team Call. (I might apply... maybe..) Also they are having this super fun ABC Card Crop. There is a different challenge/theme for every letter of the alphabet that you have to make a card for. Since I've only ever made a handful of cards this is quite a challenge for me but I am having so much fun!

My favorite card so far. It was for "A" and we were given an add for inspiration. It had a lot of big pink circles and bubbles on it. So I was inspired to instead of bubbles, use rain. The white plant paper reminded me of the add so I used that and then made the pink flowers sparkle with Shimmerz and Stickles. The quote is from of my favorite movies "The Crow."

This card was for "B" and birthday. Our challenge was to use numbers on the card.

This one is for "C" and coloring. I stamped the cupcake and colored it in, added shimmerz as icing and then raised the cupcake with some foam mounting squared. Paper is Prima.

And now for 5 things that are annoying me today:
1. My car is infested with SPIDERS.. not fun!!
2. My hair used to be really dry and now all of a sudden it gets oily so fast. I don't like it.
3. It's freezing in my room at work today.
4. People who take and take and take and leave nothing for anyone else. Didn't your parents teach you to share?? or maybe not to be greedy???
5. I'm annoyed that these things are getting to me. I'm better than this.. usually.
At least today is flying by!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!!


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff on here! The new paramore is indeed excellent.

Jill said...

OHH fab shoes! Love your cards!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great rules for your yardsale, must have or it's so easy to go crazy!!! I have a confession, I stopped at a garage sale the other day rather improptu, and found a few things that I really didn't need. Discovered my husband took all my cash out of my purse!!! so the guy was holding the stuff while I went to the ATM except I went to the ATM, got my money then changed my mind and went home!!!!! LOL eek. Lord forgive me. :) Lovely cards, reminds me I need to more make birthday cards to have on hand. You ought to consider trying out for the dt! they'd be lucky to have you!!!!

pink4u said...

Great projects Kaytee...I love your cards and your Girly Project!!

The shoes are super cute too!

You are so SHOULD
try out for the DT!!! You would be awesome:)

Sorry your car has spiders...better spray right away..I would totally freak out if one fell on me while I was driving!!! LOL...
Joanie :)

Anonymous said...

loving those shoes! great list!

Kathleen said...

Oh I love those shoes!!!! And that 30 flirty card is adorable :D

Jill said...

Did you say that your car is infested with spiders? EWW! Can you fumigate a car? What can you do? Yipes!

I need to check out the new Paramore CD.

As for the Neil Gaiman book, I tried to track down a copy at my bookstore, with no luck. I really wanted to join in on this month's book group at Bad Girls. I do have next month's book read already, though, luckily.