Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Thursday Thirteen

This is my first Thursday Thirteen! Every Thursday you pick a theme and create a list of 13. I first saw this at Sarabeth's blog: Scrap Happie. This week she has her 13 Fave Childhood Books. A very cool list.

So for my first Thursday Thirteen, I would like to share with you my 13 favorite pictures of the moment from ICanHasCheezburger. These lolcats (and other animals) make my day!

1. Beware of cute ducks on city streets:

2. This one reminds me of my Smokey:

3. That is one HUGE lizard!:

4. I hate clowns and this one is super creepy:

5. So cute:

6. The Bluebird of Happiness:

7. Remember those old movies "Boogity":

8. I got your back:

9. I'm not a witch at all:

10. So sweet:

11. This is why I love kittehs:

12. Because I love Karaoke:

13. I wonder what happened after this was taken:

I hope you at least got a giggle from some of these pics.
Thanks for stopping by~!


Calico Crazy said...

Thanks for the chuckle! David Cook Rocks!

Calico Contemplations

The Bumbles said...

Oh wow - I could spend all day on that site - thanks for giving me just a small taste so I don't go over there and waste my hours away! #5 is the cutest ever - but #1 is wicked funny.

CountryDew said...

Those are some sweet kitties!

Congrats on your first Thursday Thirteen! I hope you keep it up. It's a great meme.

kandyblossom said...

Hello and Welcome to the fun world of Thursday Thirteeners!

You picked a great idea for your first list. Love that site and all your pics are excellent choices!

colleen said...

Fun to see!

Grandmother Wren said...

I suppose it's not very grandmotherly of me,
but I just Love #6!

jehara said...

kitties are so cute. i like 5 the best.

Julia Smith said...

They're all hilarious - but my favorite ones are Cute Duckling Scam, Bluebird of Freakin' Happiness, Panther mom, Flower for you meh love and Back up! Back up!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

I love the LOLCats! #8 is so cute!

Hazel said...

I loled at no. 2 and 13. My favorite is no. 11. A very lovely T13. I enjoyed every photo.

Raven said...

Thanks for the laugh, those are great pics. A wonderful T13, thanks for sharing. :-)

Have a great weekend,


Sue said...

Those are so cool. I like #6 and #10. Thanks for sharing & for stopping by mine. :)