Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UGH.... I hate bugs!!!!! **UPDATED** LYME???

And this right here is why...

Last night I was at my mom's house and something bit me. I have no idea what. Normally when I get mosquito bites they get pretty big but never as big as this. I took this picture last night before bed. I took a benedryl hoping it would help.

Well I don't think it helped because today it expanded even further and looks like this:

So it's not itchy really. I have to type with my arm lifted off the desk because it hurts.
Maybe I should ice it....

Well anyway, now you understand why I HATE bugs!!!!

And this right here is why...

Ok so... everyone at work had me pretty paranoid. They all said it looked awful and I should have it checked out.

So I went to my doctor on my lunch break (which ended up being a 2 hour lunch break!). He said it looks like lyme disease.

LYME DISEASE?!?!?! How random is that?

I've never even had a tick on me before! So I am on antibiotics... for lime disease.. (oh and it also prevents malaria).. and they took some blood. So I will know the lab results on Friday. It isn't really visible in the pictures above but the doctor pointed out the bulls eye pattern and it's there, clear as day. So weird!


Tina said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog!!!

I too, hate bugs. That is one HUGE bite.!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Hope it all clears up and that you are OK.

fairyrocks said...

Wholly Molly you weren't kidding.
That is BAD GIRL!!

Wendy Rago said...

OMG Katie! I hope you feel better my sweets! (((Hugs))) xoxox