Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites

I have been so lax with blogging and I have good reason but I just can't post it here. But I have been finding happiness and comfort in reading other people's blogs. So today I give you my 5 favorite blogs of this past week.

1. 62 Cards - Sammye Jo - I just have to say that Sammye Jo makes me smile. Her blog is always updated with the most creative things. I am waiting for my next paycheck to grab some of her handmade buttons in her etsy store! So cute!

2. Down the Rabbit Hole - Callista - I love reading this blog!!! It's always fun and interesting! And I received the cutest Halloween mini album from her this past week!! Thank you so much@ I love it! Your's is almost finished... waiting for some things to dry... so I can add more to it!! Hopefully it will be finished this weekend.

3. The Green Frog Studio - Celine - All I can say is Wow!! So much talent and creativity here! And she posts awesome tutorials with tips and supply lists as well as super cool giveaways!

4. Jeni Boisvert - This girl is fantastic and her blog is always a favorite of mine. Her scrapping style is so funky and cool and her photography... all I can say is that I need to fly her out to PA if I ever get married so she can take pictures! I heart her!!

5. The Paper Life - This used to be Amy's Paperlife and it moved. Now it's The Paper Life but it's still just as awesome. They spotlight someone new every week and have awesome giveaways! There is even a community now but for some reason ning communties don't work well with my computer so I haven't been able to get in there and explore. I will have to have that fixed!

So those are my 5 favorite blogs for this week.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


Jill said...

I heart Jeni! She is the coolest!