Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In A Funk

I really hate to use that phrase but right now I am "in a funk" so to speak. I go to work and then go to visit mom and dad (usually my niece is there), and then I go home. I don't feel motivated to do anything when I get home. I haven't really scrapped in a while. I have some ATCs that I have to make for a few swaps but I have until the end of the month so I am not really all that worried about it.

I really don't want to admit to it but I think I might be lonely. I have friends and we hang out but lately I've been trying to save money so I haven't been going out at all. And I really don't mind not going out because I have plenty to do at my apartment, like organize my spare room or scrapbook, or re-arrange my bedroom, or clean out my closet... and I can go on...and on.. Maybe I am overwhelmed by how much there is to do that I just freeze up and not do anything. But that's what my medication is for - to help me not be anxious about stuff like that. Maybe I need to bring my dosage back up.

I need to sit down and go over a budget. I got rid of cable and that saved me about $120 a month. My cell phone bill is huge though with the blackberry... but I LOVE my blackberry so I might have to cut back somewhere else. I just had one of my student loans deferred for another year so that brings my monthly payment from $300 to $71. But they just came out of deferment so those payment are really just starting. So it was like trading cable in order to pay my student loans. There are certain things that I can't give up... like rent, electric, water, internet, my phone, my car payment, my car insurance, and my bad girls kits... those are things I need to survive! LOL So yeah I guess the fact that my bills keep getting bigger and my income is not, has me a little stressed. My company didn't give us raises this year due to the recession. I might set up an etsy shop and sell some things I've made. Maybe I will ebay some things. If I could clean out the spare room I could get a roommate but I would HATE that! Moving back into my parents would save me $515 a month but that is not going to happen. I have my two cats and mom is allergic. I will figure things out somehow. I used to have a lot of credit card debt and now they are all paid off except for two of them and I think I only have a few payments left to make. That will be a big help. My credit sucks! I'm trying to build it back up so that I can eventually be able to get a house some day.

I need to find something to get my out of this FUNK!


pink4u said...

Kaytee...you are such a sweetheart..thanks so much for your encouragement for my Dr. appt. today and for wearing *pink* :)
I am bringing my daughters with me and then going for lunch. I am more calm today then I was last week.

Hang in there...I just read your post. Things will be picking up soon. I think summertime is so slow especially after the 4th. I made an etsy shop and sold a few things but then let it go for awhile..lots of things going on. Its really easy and fun and very cheap!!! Good Luck and thanks again for being such an awesome friend!

Jen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your funk. I'm in one too. I'm learning to take it day by day. Things will get better someday, whether we can see it now or not. Just have faith in time.

Danielle said...

Oh Girl!! I hate to hear that you are in a 'funk'. Just remember that it will pass. I bet with it being summer, you are getting tired of being cooped up too! I am thinking about you, and praying. Let me know if I can help at all :)
Blessings Girl~~
Danielle Wycough

Aeify said...

Kaytee, I hate you are in a funk! I love your cheery self!! Things will get better... are any of your friends scrappy?? If they are what you need is a good live CROP at your house or theirs. Girl time, chocolate and scrapping are the receipe!!! {hugs}

Cari Fennell said...

Hey sweets!!
You are not alone in this funky world! That is so awesome about your credit cards--that takes a lot of discipline! Take your apartment one room at a time--not all the rooms at a time. Work on one room a week-that helps me or else I get overwhelmed!! I am glad you are letting yourself keep a couple of luxuries-it makes work a little easier knowing you are working towards some things you love---your freedom, your independance and your happiness.
Keep your chin up girlie-you are doing great!!!
xoxo Cari