Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So much to look forward to...

Hello fellow bloggers! Today was just one of those endless days when you need to remind yourself of things coming up to look forward to.

Firstly, I look forward to just going home and scrapping for a little bit. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week so that is also a good thing. On Friday the whole family is going to Knoebels Amusement Park. It will be Kaydence's first time at a park and thankfully she is "growing like a flower" - You can't say weed because she will correct you - so she should be able to get on a decent amount of rides. Of course being a Thomas the Train fan she is looking forward to riding the train the most. I think there is some kind of event going on this Saturday but I can't remember what it is at all...

And then Sunday... well Sunday I am being baptized. I was raised Roman Catholic and baptized as a baby but recently felt really out of place in my church. I wanted to find a closer relationship with God. So my friend Sarah brought me to her church. It's a Non-denominational Christian church called Rock Church and I have been going for a few months now. I love it and I feel like I belong there. So I am taking the First Principles classes to become a member of the church and this Sunday I am having my full immersion baptism. I'm really excited. I can feel all of the positive changes that Jesus is helping me to make in my life and I am generally a much more stable person than I used to be. My parents are going to come and take pictures so I will post them. My mom and dad are really supportive and both of my sisters-in-law would like to come to a service to check the place out. So hopefully they can all come on Sunday as well.

I still have an hour left at work so I better get going. Had to take a quick 10 minute break or else my brain would liquify and drain out my ears... not pretty!!

Happy Wednesday!


Danielle said...

GIRL!!! I am so excited for you :) Being Baptized is such an awesome experience. My boys were baptized in May, and I just bawled like a baby!! I want to see the pictures!! Have fun at the Amusement Park! You will have a busy weekend! Take care, and congratulations :D
Much Love~ Danielle Wycough

pink4u said...

Looking forward to hearing about how your weekend went..
Congrats on your Baptism will be a very special day for you!
Joanie :)

Aeify said...

Kaytee!! I hope you had a great weekend and I am so happy for you!! May God bless you and keep you!! Thanks for sharing!!