Friday, July 17, 2009


This week just seemed like it was never going to end! I'm really glad that it's Friday. I am going to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight and then tomorrow I can actually sleep in for a little bit. Now, on to my faves~!

1. The really neat Art Journal that I made in Kara Haupt's class. Her blog is here: and you can read about the class.

2. Lenka!!! I love love love this girl!! Get her album! I highly recommend the song "Trouble is a Friend" So funky cool~!

3. Lemon Pledge - For some reason I just love the smell of lemon pledge. It reminds me of my childhood because my mom would use it all the time.

4. Mr. Yuk Stickers! I just found a bunch of these stickers in an old notebook! I love them!

5. Weekends, days that I can sleep in, and doing nothing!!! This week I feel like I've been going non-stop both mentally and physically. I need a weekend to just chill.

And I am going to leave you with this photo that I took of a flower in my mom's grotto. I touched it up using techniques I learned from Jeni B at Bad Girls Kits.

Have a great weekend~!


Jill said...

Beautiful flower girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

pink4u said...

I LOVE your journal!! Wow..that looks so pretty..

Pretty flowers!!

I am playing with your kitty *jagger* He is so cute!!!!
Have a relaxing weekend!!!
Joanie :)

Jill said...

Lenka! Yes, yes, yes! I love her, too. "Trouble Is a Friend" is a great song. I love "The Show", "Bring Me Down," and "Knock, Knock." The entire album is great, really. Did you see her in a recent Anthropologie catalog? She's a cutie. I love her eyebrows.

Jen said...

Your journal is so cute!
And I love that flower. Great job using Jenni's tricks.

Carmen Williams said...

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