Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday

Not too many yard sale finds this morning. The first yard sale was right up the street from Mom and Dad's. Mom got a bag of wooden train tracks and toys for Kaydence and the other kids. Kaydence found a little plastic doll and I got two DVDs for 6 bucks (Broken Bridges and The Secret Life of Bees). We went to another one where I got a FREE Bible with some awesome illustrations in it and a Precious Moments version of the Christmas Story (which is an awesome companion to the Precious Moments Bible I found at a rummage sale last week!).

We stopped a few more places. I got 5 paper back mystery books for a total of 50 cents, 50 First Dates on DVD for 2 bucks, and a gorgeous canvas painting that is huge for 20 bucks. It will look awesome in my bedroom.

Mom and I did some shopping and now we are having a big family dinner. A nice fun Saturday.
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