Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glimmer Mist

I am addicted to glimmer mist! You can get it from Tattered Angels.

This is a layout I did to scrap some pictures from my 26th birthday last year. The background paper is purple cardstock that I stamped but the other paper I used at the bottom was completely gray. I used all different colors of glimmer mist to create the colorful background that I wanted. My cake was a fun-fetti cake with all the different colored sprinkles in white cake, so I wanted to create a multi-colored fun background sticking to the theme of the cake which I also used as my title.

I crumpled up the paper and stamped a little on it. And then added all the pics and embellies.

Another way I like to use glimmer mist is to color flowers. These flowers are from Prima and have a more neutral color to them. So I used my different colors of glimmer mist to make them brighter and shiny. Also here, I used a stencil as a mask. I put the stencil on the background and sprayed it... a lot... to get the butterfly. I also rubbed the glimmer mist all over the paper to color the background and give it some shine.

Thanks for stopping by~!


Anonymous said...

ohhh fun! I finally ordered some mists the other day. I have 5 different colors coming and I so can't wait!

Jill said...

OHH cute! I love fun fetti too!

Aeify said...

Great fives...did you get some of the limited edition color marshmellow??? OMG it's so WHITE!!! LOVELY!!!