Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Phone Takes Decent Pictures...

I have a Blackberry Tour and it takes a pretty decent picture. Sometimes the flash is way too bright... like blindingly bright. But for the most part, the pictures come out nice.

I was looking through my phone and came across some photos I want to share.

First up: My little trouble makers!!!

I took this picture last night. Smokey waits on this bench until I get settled in bed before he climbs in... and Jagger was extra playful last night. So he kept batting at Smokey from behind the bench.

Look at those sneaky eyes...

Stalker kitty!
But he's such a cuddle bug too! He loves to curl around my arm and sleep in my hand.. So cute!

Jagger likes to hide.

He looks so peaceful.
But my kitties do love each other.
My FAVORITE photo subject: My niece Kaydence.
I wonder what she is thinking here...
Lake Scranton:
This cute plant at my mom's house. It seems to be a spider plant but it has these pretty little white flowers on it.
A zuchinni flower from my mom's garden:
Self portriat from behind my stearing wheel. LOL

Happy Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

fun pics! Thanks for sharing them!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

great pics!!! I love the one of the cat sleeping in your hand! too cute!

Sasha said...

those pics turned out SO SO GOOD

Aeify said...

Loads of fun Kaytee... that's why we have the camera phones right??