Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Faves!

1. Zomieland - This was an amazing movie. Hilarious!

2. Having guy friends! I haven't had any close guy friends in a long while and now I do. And to actually hang out without it being awkward is awesome. I tried to be friends with this guy Jon a few months ago and this other girl who liked him made a stink out of it and he doesn't talk to me anymore. Apparently some people think you can't have guy friends and not want them in a more than friends way... and to that I say bullshit. Thanks!

3. Movie night! Well this includes both my 1 and 2. My friends Dan and Sean and I are going to have a weekly movie night and Zombieland was our first installment. Fido next week maybe? Eternal Sunshine? Or maybe something spooky in honor of Halloween?

4. Diet Dr Pepper Cherry! Yum!

5. My purple hair! Its pretty much just highlights and some chunks in the front but I love it!


Jill said...

Ooh, I like the hair! More pics!
Zombieland made my FFF list, too, this week. Wasn't it hilarious? I love the rules. Too funny.

Jill said...

OOHHH the hair is fab!

Gine said...

just wanted to stop by and say Have a great week

LOVE your hair =)

Anonymous said...

I loved Zombieland! Too funny! And love the purple! Woohoo! I wish I could get away with that at work!

fairyrocks said...

Hey Kaytee,
Like your blog. very interesting. Love that nightmare BFC. Would make an interesting jumping off point for a LO...Okay now lets see it.
Have a great day Pam

Juju at Tales of said...

FAB hair :D