Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I guess I am back for a while... sort of.

Firstly I need to apologize to a lot of people on my blog.
I used to have a lot of followers and I was involved in a few swaps and trades.
There were some that I didn't follow through with. I'm sorry. Life happened and kicked me in the butt. Big time.

I know I did a blog candy contest and I never sent the winner her package. I hope to get in contact with her and send her a HUGE box since I really don't have time for scrap booking at the moment.

Then there is someone else who sent me a cute Halloween Scrap Item and I owe her something in return. I did make something but I never sent it and now I have no idea where it is. But I want to make that up to her.

And Charity, if you are out there I will try to find you. I owe you some sci-fi movie ATC cards which I just found this past weekend! So I'm going to look for you, if you see this please comment.

That being said. I abandoned blogging and I abandoned a lot of things. I don't exactly know why or remember the progression since my last entry... I might try to write an update of the missing time when I get home and spend some quality time with the lap top tonight.

I hope my followers and fellow bloggers don't think I am a horrible person.