Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Fave Fridays!!!

It's Friday, thank the LORD!!!
This week has been hellish. Waiting and waiting for information on certain things. But that has been settled. On to my five FAVORITE things today.

1. This is my 100th post on this blog!!! Yay! woohoo!

2. For some reason I woke up with this in my head. It has to be my absolute favorite SNL Digital Short.  Not only is the concept hilarious, but the costumes are awesome and Michael Bolton sound amazing! I can't watch this video without giggling. Enjoy!

3. Revenge!! I absolutely love this show... And if I had the cunning, the resources, and the skill of Emily Thorne, well half of Scranton would be served thier just desserts.

4. The Nutribullet!  This little blenderish wonder has turned my mother into a juicing fanatic and I have to say I love it. Every morning she makes these "green drinks" for my dad and I, which he calls his "fizzy lifting drinks" a la Willy Wonka.  But honestly this is a great investiment to get healthy. I don't like eating salad so now I can drink it and reap all of the benefits without the calories from a dressing!

5. Pregnancy!  Yes dear blog readers, if I have any, I am pregnant. 29 weeks and 4 days to be more specific. It wasn't planned and it was a very rocky beginning but God knows what he is doing I hope. After the first 4 months of nausea and not being able to keep ANYTHING down, I've come to rather enjoy being pregnant! It's the only time that everyone will ever rave and coompliment you on how good you look with a huge tummy, and I seem to be carrying a basketball. The best part is feeling this tiny human inside of me kicking and poking and getting cozy in my uterus.  Maybe that sounds like something out of "Alien" to you, but once you feel it you will know what I mean. So here is me at 29 weeks!

Happy Friday Everyone!!