Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Morning!!

Oh what a beautiful morning... not really! Today was my first non-stress test. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure has been high, not super high but high enough. At my regularly scheduled OB visit on Monday it was 156/92. Lovely. I swear its from coming straight to my appointments from work. Not that my job is strenuous at all. But the atmosphere and attitudes there are enough to give anyone high blood pressure!
In preparation for my non-stress test and fetal growth ultrasound this morning, I called the hospital yesterday to "pre-register." The woman on the phone was so nice and told me I was already registered and to just go right to the 5th floor - labor and delivery. So today I get here early and find the short procedure parking where the flyer told me to go. I finally found my way to the elevators and arrived at labor and delivery where I was then walked around a corner and down a hallway, through some doors and down a ramp to the non-stress test area. I had made it with time to spare. I told the woman at the desk who I was and she said since I had an ultrasound that day I had to go back down to the first floor and register! So much for pre-registering the day before! I sat in that waiting room for about 10 minutes feeling my blood boiling and my seat shaking from the woman next to be bouncing a toddler on her knee. I thought I was going to be sick.
I was called in to register and was handed my ultrasound order and asked to sign 3 forms. That took less than five minutes. Okay, done, now we are on the go! I go back to the main elevators, had to get off at 4th floor and walk down a few hallways to catch the other elevators to get to the 5th floor. At least I am getting in some exercise today. I go back to the nice woman in the non-stress area where I was then asked to sign two of the same 3 forms I had already signed. How does any of this make sense? She set me up in my little recliner and hooked me up to the monitors and offered me a drink. I opted for the orange juice. My blood pressure was a little high the first two times it was taken but by the end I was 137/82 which means nothing to me but apparently that is a good pressure. My little guy moved around the entire time so I spent the whole 20 minutes pressing the fetal movement button.
Then it was off to ultrasound! When I arrived there I signed in and took a seat. About 15 minutes later I was informed that there was something wrong with my order and that I would need to wait a little longer for the new order to be sent over. Finally I was taken back and got to see my little guy. I got to see his face which looks a little creepy and we reaffirmed that he is definitely a boy! So it was a busy morning and I was two hours late for work but I got to make up the time and I'm feeling a lot better. Hopefully my blood pressure stays down enough to get us to at least the 37 week mark. We will see!

My baby's face! Turned so you can see it upright.

And we definitely have a boy! Lol

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