Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Fave Friday!

Thank God it's Friday! Or TGIF as they say! It's been a super long week full of appointments and work. Here are some things that helped get me through the week:

1. Auntie Anne's Pretzels, my latest pregnancy craving. Right now I'm all about the almond pretzel with the cheese dip.

2. Jack Bauer and the new reincarnation of the show "24". I don't care if its a half season, a mini series, or a made for TV movie: if its "24" it will be amazing!

3. Conan on TBS. I usually have to DVR it because after the monologue I pass out from exhaustion. But I love this show.

4. Dole Frozen Sweet Dark Cherries. I put them in my lunch in the morning and by noon they are thawed out and delicious!

5. Grumpy Cat. I love this cat. I'm sure it's not even really grumpy. It's just a grumpy expression on its face. But it makes me smile.

Have a great weekend!! <3